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READ this BEFORE scheduling !

  1. If you’ve used this online scheduler before, you need to use the same credentials – message us if you don’t remember them.
  2. If you don’t see any appointments to select, turn the page to the following week(s).
  3. You cannot CANCEL an appointment using this scheduler – if you need to cancel, contact us please
  4. If scheduling for multiple family members, you have to log out, and then log back in using their credentials – you cannot schedule multiple appointments with only one “log in” into the system. Each appointment has to have it’s own unique log in and credentials. Log in name does not have to be an email address – it can be a name and initial. We know everyone doesn’t have an email address !
  5. Please read the documents you are signing.
  6. Don’t get frustrated – it works for most but not all – just contact us and we’ll get you scheduled
Schedule An Appointment

If you have difficulty with scheduling or completing online registration forms, it works best on a computer. If you need assistance using the online scheduler, please text, email or call the office during normal business hours.