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Eye Exams & All Eye Care Services

Dr. Nicholson’s office will provide you with everything you need to take supreme care of your eyes and vision! We know that sharp eyesight is integral to your quality of life, and your healthy eyes are our top priority. Our office is fully furnished with cutting-edge technology and all the latest optometric equipment, so you’ll benefit from our first-rate diagnoses and treatment. With a warm, welcoming atmosphere, we want you to have a positive and comfortable experience at Dr. Philip Nicholson’s practice.

Whether or not you have vision complaints, it’s important to have a routine eye exam performed regularly. In our Beltsville, MD, clinic, we’ll check the quality of your vision and the health of your eyes, using our expert skill and years of experience. With the help of high-powered lenses, digital imagery and other specialized devices, we’ll inspect your inner eye tissues for any signs of ocular disease, such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. Dr. Nicholson also offers additional testing for vision-related health problems, such as migraines or lazy eye.

Contact Lenses

Are you interested in replacing your eyeglasses with a pair of contact lenses? We’ll assess your eyes and fit you with the ideal lenses for your vision condition. We provide follow-up visits to verify that your contacts fit well, grant you crisp vision and aren’t causing any complications. If you suspect any damage to your eyes, from contact lenses or any foreign object or substance, we are qualified to provide emergency eye care. Be sure to call us immediately in the event of any eye emergencies and we will guide you on how to proceed.

No matter what eye care service you need, we invite you to schedule a visit at our office located conveniently at the Beltsville Costco, in Beltsville, Maryland. Our professional team is waiting to see you!

  • $99 Basic eye exam for glasses and general eye health check
  • $139 Previous Wearers $179 New Wearers A contact lens exams includes BOTH glasses and contact lens prescriptions.
  • We charge for additional services. Please click for more information.
  • $85 Minimum. For medical emergencies only. Please CALL US at 301-595-9041 and follow the directions on the answering machine for emergency contact. If you are unable to reach us, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room for help.
  • Read more information about renewing your driver's license.

If you have difficulty with scheduling or completing online registration forms, it works best on a computer. If you need assistance using the online scheduler, please text, email or call the office during normal business hours.