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Schedule ONLINE

Our online scheduler is working now – please follow the guidelines we have listed before scheduling.

We are OPEN !

We returned to the office on May 18th and have been slowly expanding our schedule. Things are going well and most patients are very appreciative. All patients and staff are screened each day for COVID symptoms including temperature. I put into place a new system so you can complete all the office paper work online prior to coming in for your appointment. And we are emailing copies of your prescriptions and receipts. The only thing we are deferring is exams for first time wearers of contact lenses – these appointments require extended time in close proximity to the patient so for now, no new wearers. One update – for the time being, we are not answering inbound phone calls. I know this will bother some people but honestly, everything you could possibly want to know or want to do, can be done online. Scheduling is a breeze with our new system so I hope you will at least give it a try! Talk to you soon.

Dr Nicholson

Opening Week of May 18th

We plan to open the week of May 18th on a LIMITED basis. We will have reduced hours and days. We had to make many adjustments to our office procedures to accommodate the COVID precautions. Please check back here often for more updates. We will have the online scheduling tool active on May 14th. One BIG change is all paperwork for new and current patients has to be completed online before you arrive at our office. All appointments have to be made online, we are not accepting “walk in to schedule an appointment” visits. Hope to see you soon!

We will OPEN soon!

Yesterday Gov. Hogan announced that medical offices could start to reopen. I am getting the office and staff ready for that to happen. We are also waiting on word from Costco as to when the optical department will be open for full service to members. I expect this to happen sometime in the next couple of weeks. I will send out a mass email and text alerts to my patient base updating them. Please check back here shortly for more information. Thank you for supporting us !

September Friday & Saturday Schedule Update

Dr.Nicholson Dr.Grinstead
09/01/2018 Saturday IN IN
09/07/2018 Friday IN OUT
09/08/2018 Saturday IN IN
09/14/2018 Friday IN IN
09/15/2018 Saturday IN OUT
09/21/2018 Friday IN OUT
09/22/2018 Saturday OUT IN
09/28/2018 Friday IN OUT
09/29/2018 Saturday IN IN

August Friday & Saturday Schedule Update

Dr. Nicholson Dr. Grinstead
08/03/2018 Friday IN OUT
08/04/2018 Saturday IN IN
08/10/2018 Friday IN OUT
08/11/2018 Saturday IN IN
08/17/2018 Friday IN IN
08/18/2018 Saturday IN OUT
08/24/2018 Friday IN OUT
08/25/2018 Saturday IN IN
08/31/2018 Friday IN OUT

July Friday & Saturday Schedule Update

Dr. Nicholson Dr. Grinstead
07/06/2018 Friday IN OUT
07/07/2018 Saturday IN IN
07/13/2018 Friday IN OUT
07/14/2018 Saturday IN IN
07/20/2018 Friday IN OUT
07/21/2018 Saturday IN IN
07/27/2018 Friday IN OUT
07/28/2018 Saturday IN OUT

June Friday & Saturday Update

Dr. Nicholson Dr. Grinstead
6/1/18 (Friday) IN OUT
6/2/18 (Saturday) IN IN
6/8/18 (Friday) IN OUT
6/9/18 (Saturday) IN IN
6/15/18 (Friday) IN IN
6/16/18 (Saturday) IN OUT
6/22/18 (Friday) IN OUT
6/23/18 (Saturday) IN IN
6/29/18 (Friday) IN OUT
6/30/18 (Saturday) IN IN


May Friday & Saturday Update

Dr. Nicholson Dr. Grinstead
5/4/18 (Friday) IN OUT
5/5/18 (Saturday) IN IN
5/11/18 (Friday) IN OUT
5/12/18 (Saturday) IN OUT
5/18/18 (Friday) IN OUT
5/19/18 (Saturday) IN IN
5/25/18 (Friday) IN OUT
5/26/18 (Saturday) IN IN

April Friday & Saturday Update

Dr. Nicholson Dr. Grinstead
4/6/18 (Friday) IN OUT
4/7/18 (Saturday) IN IN
4/13/18 (Friday) IN OUT
4/14/18 (Saturday) IN IN
4/20/18 (Friday) IN OUT
4/21/18 (Saturday) IN IN
4/27/18 (Friday) IN IN
4/28/18 (Saturday) IN OUT


Our Online Scheduler is back online and appears to be working fine. If you need assistance using the online scheduler, please text, email or call the office during normal business hours.


Update for February 2021

COVID UPDATE : December 2020 – we are open, accepting appointments. Please support us as well follow the current Federal and State guidelines. We appreciate your understanding. The Doctors and Staff have been vaccinated.

REMINDER – State of Maryland says you either need a test or need to quarantine at least 10 days when returning to the state from travel (except for travel to DC and VA). We all need to do our part to get through this – thank you!

OFFICE CLOSED Thursday February 18th due to ICY WEATHER !