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We are OPEN !

We returned to the office on May 18th and have been slowly expanding our schedule. Things are going well and most patients are very appreciative. All patients and staff are screened each day for COVID symptoms including temperature. I put into place a new system so you can complete all the office paper work online prior to coming in for your appointment. And we are emailing copies of your prescriptions and receipts. The only thing we are deferring is exams for first time wearers of contact lenses - these appointments require extended time in close proximity to the patient so for now, no new wearers. One update - for the time being, we are not answering inbound phone calls. I know this will bother some people but honestly, everything you could possibly want to know or want to do, can be done online. Scheduling is a breeze with our new system so I hope you will at least give it a try! Talk to you soon.

Dr Nicholson


If you have difficulty with scheduling or completing online registration forms, it works best on a computer. If you need assistance using the online scheduler, please text, email or call the office during normal business hours.